Christmas Gifties of the Historical Variety

It was such a lovely Christmas this year.  I spent time with my family, Mr. C, and gave some lovely gifties as well as received some too.  Here are the “historical” gifties I got – that is, things for that girl in your life who is obsessed with old clothes:

Two fantastic books – “100 Dresses” from the Met, and “Corsets,” a book full of  patterns taken from historical examples, including several 18th c., Regency.  Both of these books are fabulous, and I highly recommend them!

This is a fascinating little pamphlet sent to me by my Scottish friend FJ <3
Boots!  Fabulous Victorian boots!  You all know how important I think footwear is…and how few pairs of “proper” footwear I have!  Now I have straight up proper Victorian boots and nobody at costume check can ever tell me otherwise again, mwahahahaha!
Another view of the boots.  Oh so lovely! And comfy!  These were from Mom, who has a pair for herself, in light tawny brown.
Marie Antoinette, by Lenox.  I grew up with these amazing porcelain Lenox dolls that belonged to my grandmother.  She had quite a few of them – a “princess” collection that included Cinderella, Snow White, an Ice Queen, Juliet, others I don’t remember now.  My mom has them all packed away safely, and gave me this one for Christmas this year.  She’s so exquisite!
(Don’t mind the background, pls!).  Lenox Marie Antoinette is wearing a polonaise, but the designers at Lenox kindof  mixed some styles with the sleeves and the panniers.  She’s still fantastic, though.
Here’s the back of her.  Her hands, fan, and feathers are sooo delicate.

Here are the books on Amazon:


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