Staycation – More Progress on Olympe’s Test Stays

The tabs on the right are bound, but not on the left.  Also to come – eyelets, bindings, and ribbons for the straps.

Some more progress on the test stays for Olympe.  I’m really happy with how these are coming out, especially after lacing them to proper measurements on this pillow, and seeing that things are lining up as planned.  I also mocked up the stomacher and everything is working fine there, except I may want to revisit the boning pattern.  The stomacher has horizontal “struts” that curve with the bust, but below that they are vertical and the whole thing was quite tricky to assemble.

I still can’t get over these measurements – 22.5″ waist, 33.5″ bust!  There are some other changes to add to my list – one is to leave off the grommets below the waist on the back: they’re not necessary (thanks Isis!).  I also need to widen the gap in the back.  It’s nearly touching now at the proper measurements, and I want to give Olympe more adjust-ability than that, so another two inches or so.

P.S. This pillow has *terrible* posture!  Can’t wait to see this laced onto a real body.


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