The Most Brilliant Shoes Known to Man…

…or at least known to me….or at least IN MY POSSESSION.

Last night I had the opportunity to “raid” Lady Carolyn’s rack of costumes she’s decided to get rid of.  There were so many amazing pieces, from the 1920s to the 1960s, and surprisingly nearly everything I tried on FIT, or can be taken in a bit to fit me perfectly.
Now, I won’t reveal everything at once, but shall tease you along with little showcases of each dress I got, and to start, how about these SHOES!?
I can’t even believe these.  I’m not exactly sure of the date – they look 20s, but could be 30s?  They’re a beautiful french blue satin, with little turquoise frogs across the tops.  The heel is about 2″.  Aren’t they divine!  I can see these working for 17th c (could I wear these with my gunmetal 1660s dress?), definitely 18th c., possibly some 19th c., and of course 20th c.
They’re a bit snug, but not uncomfortably so.  There is a little hotspot on the back of my left heel, where the heel comes up a bit too high and cuts, so I’m thinking I could stretch these possibly a bit, or just band-aid like crazy across there.
Best part? $10.


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