Hey, Whatever Happened To...

May 9, 2010 9 comments
...that 1940 vintage summer dress?

Well, I've been bad.  I've worn this dress three or so times, but have only gotten pictures of it today! And not very many pictures of it either!  I wore it today to an afternoon tea at a private vintage clothing museum, and accessorized accordingly - curled hair, red lipstick, killer cute shoes!

Verdict:  I love love love this dress.  It's not perfect.  I messed up on the waistband a bit, and I need to find some magenta fabric to make a new waist tie out of.  I also have magenta ribbon that would like to be sewn to the sleeves, yoke, around the pockets, down the front, just to break up the massive florality of it all.  However, as it is right now, I still LOVE this dress.

As you can tell, I've been side-tracked by the 1660 silver gown, but it's shockingly nearing completion, and I'll be back to vintage summer dresses soon!

(apologies for the blurry and blown-out pictures!)


  1. Oh yum you look good enough to eat! hehehe. The great thing about busy florals is that they hide multitudes of sins - odd seams, bulgy bits (not that you have any of those!) and spills and stains. Practical and beautiful :)

  2. You're really cute in this dress:)
    Love your hairstyle!

  3. Very beautiful!
    Looks great on you.

  4. You just gotta luv this dress. It looks so easy and comfortable to wear.A lot can be said about the 1940's style.


  5. Thanks guys! I'm sorry it took me so long to get a picture up.

    It's totally easy to wear, which is what I love about summer dresses. You just put it on and go, and can wear it with heels or flats and it still looks cute. I curled my normally-kindof-funky bob of a haircut and it somehow worked, but the dress looks just fine with "normal" hair too. Ah, gotta love vintage fashions :-D

  6. So stylish. You look like you have stepped out of time. The 1940s dress really suits you.

  7. It is a very cute dress in it and it suits you very well! You look very pretty and forties


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