A Few 18th c. Style Fabrics You Should Know About…

I’ve been scouring all my favorite web-haunts for fabrics from which to make my summer dresses.  In the search, I’ve come across some really gorgeous batistes, lawns, and voiles that are just squeeking to become 18th and early 19th c. gowns.  So I’m passing on my findings to you…

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a hard core period-correct stickler.  I go for fabrics that represent the look and feel of a period.  Some of these fabrics are not 100% period, but in my humble opinion, they would make delightful gowns.

Delightful blue floral with dots, and on sale for $2.99/yard, from Fabric.com.  I ordered this for a 1950s dress, but I can see it as a Robe a l’Anglaise, or a Regency day dress, any number of things.

Navy Blue/Cream mini floral, cotton lawn, $4.45/yard from Fashion Fabrics Club. You can get this in black and white as well.

Another from Fashion Fabrics Club, black and white floral cotton lawn, $4.45/yard.

Peach floral cotton lawn, from Fashion Fabrics Club, $4.45/yard.  Get it in a yellow style here, and  a more tan coloration HERE

Pink and Yellow cotton lawn, from Fashion Fab’s Club, $4.45/yard.  Comes in purple/yellow and  blue/green too.

For more accurate cottons, try Reproduction Fabrics – here are a couple examples I love.

So pretty, but kindof expensive, this floral-dot from Reproduction Fabrics – $9.25/yard.

Not so far off from one of the ones above. Reproduction Fabrics, $9.25/yard.

This lil’ post isn’t intended to be a comprehensive search of 18th c. styled fabrics on the web.  These are just some things I ran across while shopping fabrics for something totally different.  I’m hoping these inspire some of you to begin your floaty summer wardrobes and spend not-a-whole-lot doing it!


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