The Importance of Sewing Space

Dec 7, 2009 11 comments
I've been so bad at updating, and this is because my brain has been a frazzled mess of goo due to the lack of organization and functionality of my sewing space. That is, there WAS no sewing space, just piles of clothes, fabrics, random pieces of wood, pattern pieces strewn about, a plethora of homeless hats.

Sewing space is important, not only for working, but for peace of mind and maximizing your workflow. Okay, that sounded awfully corporate, but consider - when you've got your space set up the way you like, with an ironing board on one side, your cutting table on the other, your well-oiled-and-beloved machine at front, things just go so much more smoothly.

Not perfect, but it's a start.
I'm desperately in need of shelving, hooks,
and a different table for my machine

So today I organized, cleaned, put things away, and rearranged as much as I could, to get a place to at least set up my sewing machine, and start on James' Ubersexlich 18th c. suit. I've got my JP Ryan patterns all ready to be cut out and mocked up, and a nice space on the floor to lay it all out.
And, as seems to be a reoccurring theme here on American breakfast, complete with honeybear:

Chai in the pot, and panattone


  1. Wow! I can only dream about a sewing space like that! :)))))

  2. Ooo, your own sewing space! Such a luxury, and it looks fab already. Do you have Ikea up your way? They might have the shelves and organizing items you require...... Also looks like you have good lighting, which is a must. :D

  3. What you say is very true! Unfortunately for me, I will either have to get a bigger flat or throw the stepdaughter out before I can get a proper sewing space :P

    Until then, the ironing board and its closest surroundings is my sewing space.

    Yummy breakfast, I bet you enjoyed it!

  4. woosh! I'm working from home and my office space isnt even close to your space there... wow!

  5. I just did the same thing with my sewing space this weekend! I couldn't get going on my Truly Victorian patterns (TV101 bustle, for starters). So I cleaned everything out, moved my cutting area out to the middle of the room and moved my sewing table to the left of another long table. By the end of the day I had most of the pattern pieces cut out. More work than I've done in weeks all because of a clean and efficient space.

  6. Sewing spaces are sooo important. I desperately want one. Right now I use the kitchen table :-) Your space looks very nice and efficient.

  7. Thanks Ladies! When I first started sewing, I had to do it on the bar between my teeny-tiny kitchen and what constituted some kind of closet-walkway. I lived in a studio that was the size of the palm of my hand, so it made things both very messy and very difficult. We seamstresses perservere, though! I'm always tickled by stories of costumers who no-matter-what are STILL costuming, despite *harsh* conditions!

    My sewing room also doubles as my office-for-not-sewing. I'm a freelance graphic designer/illustrator, so it's important to have the computer side of the room organized as well. Freckles - the closest IKEA is in Sac, near you. I'll be making a trip down soon (for I miss it SO MUCH! Ikea was my drug in the Bay Area!), and maybe we can get together and shop :-D

  8. love the sewing space! :) but what I'm really loving is your tea pot! where did you get that, it's so unique and pretty, the cup too. do share!

  9. Annamae, the teapot and cups/saucers were a christmas gift from my brother a couple years back, but I know that he got them at a teashop called Teavana. You can also find cast iron teapots like this in asian shops. I love it to pieces - my whole morning ritual is based around this teapot :-)

  10. you get Ikea in the States? Woo hoo! That's fine to know for future reference. My sewing space is the settee and the living room carpet cos the spare room is the 'office' right now til PhD is finished. BTW Hobbycraft (the new one in our new shopping centre) sells the Simplicity patterns, so one day I might make a Jacobean lady's gown!! You're so tidy, am envious!

  11. 'Poly-Blogger' - yes, and polymath too! :-)


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