I'm NOT Crazy! - Examples of Incredible Feather Gowns

May 8, 2009 2 comments

Holy Mackerel! Look what I found wandering the interwebs! This is an Yves Saint Laurent gown made of pheasant and vulture (vulture!?) feathers. It's GORGEOUS!! I don't have access to vultures, but perhaps a variety of feathers wouldn't be a bad idea?

Oh it gets better, or just as good. Here is a pre-Colombian parrot feather robe, currently on display at the Art & History Museum in Brussels, Belgium. The Incans wore elaborate feather capes and robes, and this is a gorgeous example of the stacked-feather method I plan to use.

Another absolutely stunning, and apparently ghastly expensive, full-skirted gown covered in peacock feathers. Apparently this dress, with a very long train, is made with 2009 peacock feathers, and took the factory workers in China 40 days to sew it. It's worth well over $2 million.


  1. Well you are still crazy but i love you to bits anyhow. Excitement!!!

  2. Ooooh...have you seen Hawaiian feather cloaks? They are amazing! Here is the one Chief Kalani'opu'u gave to Captain Cook on his first visit to Hawaii. http://collections.tepapa.govt.nz/objectdetails.aspx?oid=230439&term=feather+cloaks

    Queen Lili'u'okalani was also famous for wearing a blue velvet dress with a train of peacock feathers


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