I’m NOT Crazy! – Examples of Incredible Feather Gowns

Holy Mackerel! Look what I found wandering the interwebs! This is an Yves Saint Laurent gown made of pheasant and vulture (vulture!?) feathers. It’s GORGEOUS!! I don’t have access to vultures, but perhaps a variety of feathers wouldn’t be a bad idea?

Oh it gets better, or just as good. Here is a pre-Colombian parrot feather robe, currently on display at the Art & History Museum in Brussels, Belgium. The Incans wore elaborate feather capes and robes, and this is a gorgeous example of the stacked-feather method I plan to use.

Another absolutely stunning, and apparently ghastly expensive, full-skirted gown covered in peacock feathers. Apparently this dress, with a very long train, is made with 2009 peacock feathers, and took the factory workers in China 40 days to sew it. It’s worth well over $2 million.


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