Write, Write, Write, OMG

Printed Cotton (detail) – Gown, 1796. The Met. C.I.55.50.4

This week we are wrapping up the manuscript for the American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking.

It’s been intense and this is only the beginning. It’s amazing how complacent one can feel until just before the deadline. Then it’s chaos! Our eyeballs are melting and our brains are mush, but we are also filled with excitement, trepidation, joy, fear, and a sense of accomplishment.

I can’t share more with you right now – oh how we wish we could! – but Abby and I are both looking forward to the processes that come next as we work with our editor and designer to sculpt all these words and pictures in a colorful and hopefully useful work for everyone.

We are also looking forward to working on our 2017 “public” projects after the book projects are done. We are attending Jane Austen Festival in July as well as Costume College at the beginning of August and need gowns for both events. We look forward to sharing the new ideas with you soon.

“The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking” is set to release at the end of the year. We’ll have more information for you soon!

Much Love,

Lauren and Abby

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