Renoir & Tissot Pre-Order Now Open

Right, ladies, today’s the day. At long last, “Renoir” button boots and “Tissot” Victorian pumps are available to order at

The pre-order will run until April 27th. Delivery is around the beginning of July, if not a little sooner.

It seems like these two naturally go together, so we’re offering some fun discounts, as a thank you for supporting this endeavor:

  • Get your choice of a $10 cash discount, a free pair of stockings, or a free button hook, when you order Renoir.
  • Also get your choice of a $10 cash discount, 10 pairs of shoe clip hardware for free, or a free pair of stockings, when you order Tissot.
  • …and if you order both Renoir & Tissot together, you get the above, and also an additional $10 off.
Place your orders at

*As always, we need to sell about 50 pairs of each style (or some combination thereof) to meet the manufacturing minimum, so please share with your friends who may be need shoes!

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  • Kelly

    April 19, 2014 at 7:07 PM

    I so want both of these but am currently paying for 2 houses so can't afford them at all even on layaway. I'm going to hope like mad they sell well and I can get a pair of each in July when I will be back to only paying for one house.

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