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Costume College Classes!

Feb 28, 2017 7 comments

Today is like Christmas or Hanukkah for Costume College teachers. It's the day we have all been notified which of our class proposals...

Write, Write, Write, OMG

Feb 16, 2017 10 comments

Printed Cotton (detail) - Gown, 1796. The Met. C.I.55.50.4 This week we are wrapping up the manuscript for the American Duchess Guide to...

Research: We See What We Want to See; We See What We Know

Feb 7, 2017 27 comments

Dress research is one of the great pleasures of the historical costuming hobby, and it's also a necessity. We all start off along th...

The Disconnect Between Modern Sewing and Modern Clothing

Feb 2, 2017 56 comments

via Reader, have you ever noticed that there is a disconnect between what we wear and what we sew? Why is this? For instance, why do w...

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