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Bright-Ass Yellow 18th Century English Gowns

May 28, 2014 3 comments

I've been obsessed with bright yellow 18th century (and Regency) gowns for awhile now, and yet I still don't have one. The marigold ...

Buyer's Guide to 18th Century Cotton Floral Prints

May 25, 2014 29 comments

One question I receive a lot is, "where do I find appropriate 18th century floral prints?" I realize that it's taken *year...

The Beginnings of a Little Pierrot Jacket...Finally

May 19, 2014 18 comments

This weekend I knuckled down, found some motivation, and did some honest-to-goodness historical sewing. I've had this gorgeous Colon...

Introducing the New "Georgiana" 18th Century Shoes, And How to Dye Them Perfectly

May 16, 2014 11 comments

Today, after years of re-development, I'm happy to announce that "Georgiana" 18th century shoes have returned! "Georgi...

My New Old WWI Blouse

May 14, 2014 11 comments

Last month, directly after our annual Titanic Tea, I went a-hunting on eBay and found this lovely blouse. I'm sure with more research I ...

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