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1720s - 1740s Robe Volante - Initial Musings

May 27, 2020 10 comments

I just can't get enough of 18th century back pleats! The time has come. This one has been brewing for awhile. I have a sortof ...

Feet Are Weird {Video}

May 21, 2020 1 comments

Yup, they sure are! In this hopefully very useful and interesting video, Nicole explains all that goes into how shoes fit, and why it'...

1765 Robe a la Bon Bon Sacque - Simplicity 8578 - Construction Complete!

May 13, 2020 8 comments

Trying on the new sacque - it's always nice to have something, y'know, fit at its first real try-on. Next time I say something l...

Getting Dressed in 18th Century - 1780s - 1790 {Video}

May 5, 2020 5 comments

Let's get dressed! Hi Lovelies! I made a short video showing the steps and pieces of getting dressed in a 1780s Italian gown or Ro...

Pattern Notes on Simplicity 8578 - Robe a la Francaise Dress Pattern

May 1, 2020 7 comments

A couple years ago now we worked with Simplicity to create a Robe a la Francaise pattern (Simplicity 8578) based on Abby's sacque in...

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