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#SewingIsHard - 1830s Skirts!

Feb 21, 2019 3 comments

Hi lovelies! It's time for a new video all about the magical world of 1830s skirts. If you're working on an 1830s gown, be it f...

The Annual 2019 Sewing Slump - My Tips for Self-Care in Sewing

Feb 14, 2019 4 comments

The Letter, Pietro Longhi, 1746 It's that time of year! It seems right about this time, on an annual basis, I go into a dreadful se...

A 1630s Dutch Mistress

Feb 10, 2019 8 comments

A still from "Tulip Fever," a beautiful film with some very very historically accurate 1630s costuming. Oh boy, am I torn on C...

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