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#SewingIsHard - A Corded Petticoat

Jan 30, 2019 2 comments

via I realize I never posted this video here for you guys. Abby shares her trials and tribulations in making her 1830s corded petticoat....

The Curious Polonaise-Sacque Jacket

Jan 16, 2019 9 comments

1780-81 jacket - Glasgow Museums Collection - 1932.51.o January is Costume A-D-D time. A whole new year lies ahead and we are all brimm...

All About 1830s Corsets and Fan Lacing

Jan 2, 2019 7 comments

One of the biggest questions we get about our 1830s ensembles is about the corsets, so we've made a video telling you all about them:...

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