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CORRECTION - 1780s Cap Pattern - American Duchess Guide

Dec 28, 2017 12 comments

Hi gals! We've been alerted to a flaw in the 1780s cap pattern from "The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking, "...

{Video} Wherein Lauren & Abby Get Racked

Dec 21, 2017 7 comments

...or Racked gets Lauren'd & Abby'd. ;-) In early December, Abby and I took our annual trip to New York City to do *all the...

A New 1780s CandyStripe Italian Gown

Dec 18, 2017 15 comments

Italian gown - The Met - 1785-87 C.I.66.39a-b Well, I just can't stay away from the late 18th century (can you blame me?). There is ...

The Robe a la Turque - Part 4 - The Kurdi Polonaise

Dec 13, 2017 12 comments

The last major piece of my take on Guimard's 1790 Turkish stage costume was the fabulous fur-trimmed blue robe. I pondered over this ...

Simplicity 8578 and 8579 - TWO new 18th Century Patterns!

Dec 8, 2017 24 comments

Ladies, we are SO excited to finally announce two new 18th century American Duchess patterns from Simplicity! Simplicity 8578 is the Robe ...

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